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Automatic Clutch System for Cars
With Auto Clutch you can convert a manual car to semi-automatic at the touch of a button. We manufacture and supply all types of cars and light duty vans. This is an intelligent electronically controlled mechanism which enables the driver to select gears simply by pressing a button on the gear lever and shifting. This automatically activates the clutch pedal movement in a completely controlled system. The car can be driven by using just the brake and accelerator. In traffic when releasing the brake pedal the car creeps forward like an automatic. Auto Clutch takes the fatigue away from having to operate the clutch pedal continuously, particularly in traffic situations.

Auto Clutch is mainly comprised of two units. The first elaborate electronic control unit controls the second compact electric motor. The electric motor is mechanically connected to the clutch pedal with a cable. The accelerator pedal, brake pedal, hand brake and road speed are monitored for signals which result in automatic activation of the system. The entire system is installed in the interior compartment of the car. Some of the features are:-

  • Change gear without using your foot to operate the clutch
  • Easy to operate No engine or gearbox modifications
  • Can be switched on or off even while driving
  • Economic time spending to install
  • More fuel economical than an automatic
  • Creeps like an automatic
  • Transferable to your next car
  • Automatic Clutch System for Car